Japanese / English / French

We offer translation services between English, Japanese and French with competitive rates and deadlines for many types of documents: contracts, technical specification sheets, news articles, emails and also video games (localization) or subtitles. The result is always double checked with native speakers of the target language.


Japanese to English10 to 12 Yen per symbol
French to English8 to 10 Yen per word

Our rates can be increased or decreased depending on the length of the document you need to get translated or on the specifics of your request (contents, deadline).

Our values

To translate obviously means to convey the original meaning of the original langage to the target langage. In Japan however, things can get more complicated: depending on to whom the message is intended to, the level of politeness required and the vocabulary that needs to be used can be widely different. This is where our knowhow in intercultural communication, combined with our langage skills, will be crucial. In a professional setting, we will advise you on how to say whatever message you need to convey.



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